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Yarka Miller is a spaniard producer, composer and songwriter based on Miami(US).


Producing and composing are, for Yarka, "a way of understanding life". His compass has only one destination, MUSIC. Following its course, he has traveled a long journey playing practically every musical role in the Industry; keyboard player of a small pop-rock band in southern Spain when he was a teenager; Producer's Assistant in his official entry into the professional world, that allowed him to develop his craft. This led him to work with multiple artists (Belén Arjona, La Unión, Presuntos Implicados, Café Quijano...) as an arranger, composer, producer and A&R . The experience helped Yarka reached a broad and comprehensive view of the music profession.


After nearly a decade working for others, Yarka decided it was the time to express his own musical vision with his first solo album entitled "Koren". In 2010, fate took him to Miami, where he now works  as a composer, producer and artist. 

His whole life has been dedicated to music as a constant companion. It is the north star that guides his steps and whispers in his ear: "The journey has just begun".


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